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Free puzzle embedding functionality for your websites

If you own a content website, such as an online media outlet, we are pleased to offer you a free tool to increase engagement and other user metrics of your audience. We offer the possibility to embed our puzzles in various scenarios. The process of solving puzzles may interest some of your visitors and serve as an additional incentive to visit your project more often. For example, you can embed a puzzle based on a thematic picture or another puzzle into the body of an article. Or implement a separate section on the website where a new daily puzzle of your chosen type will be published.

Дневне загонетке

This widget displays one puzzle of the type you selected, the same for all users. The puzzle changes once a day. Each day, a puzzle is selected that has received good ratings from GrandGames users and has a median solution time of 2 to 15 minutes. Use the following code:

This code will display the following widget:

Вид головоломки для виджета можно задать ссылкой, находящейся внутри контейнера. Список доступных на текущий момент значений:

Using additional parameters, you can configure the height and width of the game widget, language, and also set your own event handlers for completing the puzzle, pressing the start button, and for the widget loading event.

Puzzle by number

You can embed a puzzle by its number. The set of parameters is similar. You must specify a link to the desired puzzle in the container and change the mode parameter. You can get the embed code directly on the page for each eligible puzzle. Example:


We also have a widget that allows you to create a puzzle from any image located on your server or any other server that does not block loading using CORS. Specify the full path to the image in the "image" parameter, and a number from 0 to 5 in the "size" field. The larger this number and the larger the original size of the image, the more elements the puzzle will be divided into. It is not recommended to use images with very high resolution; the optimal range is from 600x600 to 1600x1600. The aspect ratio can be any.

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